Getting a Home Ready for Photos

I know that when I am expecting company that I have to clean my house. I'm a pretty clean person, but I have two dogs and a tendency to completely fill any horizontal space in my home with mail, camera gear, dog leashes and toys, the latest UPS delivery and just about anything I have had in my hands that day. I end up with a lot of clutter and things out of place. On top of normal cleaning of bathrooms, floors, kitchen, etc, I have a ton of stuff to neatly put away or dispose of. At the end of my cleaning binge I usually find that I have done just about everything half-way. I get sidetracked, I go from room to room never finishing one completely, and eventually just settle for 'good enough'. Luckily, my friends understand! That's probably the way your sellers feel as well when they are told "There's a photographer coming tomorrow, make your home look nice!". On top of their normal day-to-day stresses, we now have to hope that your seller has the eye of a photographer and knows what looks good in photos and what doesn't, and they have to get it done in about 12 hours. They can understandably get overwhelmed with the task.

To that end, I've put together a one-page checklist to help your sellers properly prepare their home for professional photographs. I've heard from many sellers how helpful it was to know what needs attention and what doesn't, and that their collection of 200+ porcelain dolls displayed in two bedrooms is not really a selling point! This list ultimately saves both you and me time when we get to the home to photograph it and practically nothing needs to be done other than maybe turn a few light switches. The home will photograph at it's best and your seller will be thrilled with the photos. If you'd like a copy of this PDF to give to your seller simply click here to download.

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