Why You Shouldn't Use a Professional Photographer Pt. 1

There are definitely times when you shouldn't use a professional photographer for your property listing. Am I cannibalizing my own business? Absolutely not. Follow me as I walk you through the times that you shouldn't use a professional photographer. It is important to remember that just because the photos may be better than what one can take with their cell phone, it doesn't make them good.

Let's Talk Wood

We're in Montana. Let's face it, there's a lot of beautiful wood in homes whether it is 100 years old, reclaimed wood, or new construction, Montana homeowners like wood. As well they should. Personally, I can't think of anything more beautiful, warm or inviting than the natural look of wood. But if the photographer's version of all that beautiful wood looks like a bag of Cheetos exploded, you shouldn't use that "professional photographer"!

Wood does not look like this!

Horrible Cheeto colored wood

Wood looks like this when I photograph a home:

And this.

The Walls Have Been Drinking

I read a lot of forums, blogs, and articles about real estate photography. One of the things that is repeated ad nauseam is "You shouldn't charge anyone a penny until you learn to get your verticals straight!" I couldn't agree more. Do you want a potential buyer to think the walls aren't straight? The old adage of "Photos don't lie" is embedded in everyone's brain. At best, this photographer is inexperienced, at worst, they just don't care. You shouldn't use that "professional photographer"! Go home walls, you're drunk!

Crooked verticals

Verticals absolutely, positively should be correct, and are when I photograph a home.

That's part one of helping you choose the right photographer to photograph your listings and keep your brand image to a high standard. I'm not talking down of other photographers, merely pointing out the differences. Real estate photography is all I do. It's not a sideline, not something I do between shooting weddings or family portraits. My time and energies are all dedicated to producing the best possible home photos for you.

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