Why You Shouldn't Use a Professional Photographer Pt. II

Everyone likes to feel invited. Even in the bathroom.

One of the toughest rooms to photograph are bathrooms. Mainly because, well, they're bathrooms. I'm not sure if anyone has ever bought a home solely on the bathrooms, but you never know. Regardless of being the smallest of rooms which makes it hard to photograph anyway, there are a number of challenges to go along with that. Mirrors are the photographer's enemy. We always end up in the reflection and have to do some editing magic later. Then there's the toilet. There's no making a toilet look good. But you know what? The reason folks hire me is because I care enough to make a bathroom look good. Does your photographer make even the bathrooms look inviting?

This is not the way to make a bathroom look inviting. Feeling a bit crowded?

Not too inviting.

I want the viewer to look at this photo though and just say "Nice bathroom". The colors are true, the clutter is gone and really, no one needs to see a toilet. Unless it's made of solid gold.

Nice bathroom

And just for kicks, here's one of the invisible photographer in the mirror! This was a tiny bathroom that deserved to be photographed because of the sink fixture. The extra effort of removing myself and my camera gear from the reflection is worth it to me in order to get this photo. How about you?

Invisible photographer

Let's talk about getting that cast removed.

A color cast is a tint of a particular color, usually unwanted, which affects the whole, or portion, of a photographic image evenly. Color cast is a plague. You never expect it and it's not easy to defeat. You can catch it from the floor, a rug, curtains, light fixtures and even from natural daylight. Color casts don't allow the viewer to see the real vibrant colors of the property. This photographer picked up a pinkish-orange color cast from the interior lights and in the far corner a green color cast from those two green items by the sink. To me, this is a dream kitchen to photograph. White walls, white ceilings and stainless appliances. But you'd never know it from the photo. Personally, I would cast this photographer away.

color cast

Without color cast, a kitchen with white walls, white ceilings and stainless appliances should look more like my photograph. There's no questioning what color anything is.

no color cast

I hope you're enjoying this series of posts. My aim is not to criticize other photographers, but to educate people on what separates a good photographer from a true professional photographer. If you'd like to discuss photographing your next listing, I would love to hear from you.

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